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AYRA SWIM is a contemporary brand created by Genesis Vegas that represents stylish, luxurious, high-quality swimwear. Based in California, AYRA Swim is made in the US with local production in Los Angeles, using the innovative and versatile Italian Sensitive® Fabrics. AYRA blends modern cuts with timeless, fashionable yet active swimwear to create a sophisticated and modern look; attention is paid to every little detail to make sure that all the pieces in their collection are made to perfection.

TESTIMONIAL Genesis Vegas Founder

Ayra Swim is for the adventurer woman that loves the ocean, and Sensitive® Fabrics have the perfect aesthetic and functional characteristics for this kind of swimwear, (breathable, easy-care, quick-drying, with SPF 50+ UV filter). The touch is soft and buttery while maintaining the shape and giving our swimsuits the perfect fit. I love using Sensitive® Fabrics on all of my handmade macramé and crochet designs because thanks to their versatility and lightweight we can create this beautiful pieces without them being thick and looking delicate and beautiful.