Comfort, versatility, and urban style: Marithé + François Girbaud is back!

Brand of the month

Since January 2015, Marithé Bachellerie, together with her former collaborators, has relaunched the brand Marithé + François Girbaud, under a new company name, Mad Lane. The Sport City line uses technical fabrics, commonly used for sportswear, and interprets them in a more urban offering. The entire collection, made in Sensitive® Fabrics, is made up of innovative, timeless and functional garments. Advanced treatments and innovative manufactoring techniques such as welded, heat-sealed ,laser cuts and ultrasounds define and identify the brand.

A series of modern, multi-purpose garments endowed with the superb comfort of innovative and high performing Sensitive® Fabrics which, as well as being easy to wash and wrinkle-free, offer a modern-day take on the concept of Sport City and accompany the wearer in all sorts of activities throughout the day.

TESTIMONIAL Marithé Bachellerie – Girbaud

Meeting Eurojersey in 1989 has been a real love at first sight for François and me. We discovered this technical and innovative fabrics with which we have kept working for about 28 years. This fabric has allowed us to offer to our pleased customers an array of clothes for both active men and women. Eco-friendly, comfortable and practical clothing for an active, environmentally conscious life.