Gottex and Sensitive® Fabrics:
A partnership backed by
over 20 years of success

Brand of the month

Gottex, the exclusive luxury swimwear brand from Israel , presents the new Cruise 2016 collection that integrates the latest trends within a commercial, fashion forward and chic collection. 4 categories (Collection, Contour, Essentials and the newest GTX) all made in Sensitive® Fabrics , ensuring best fit, extra comfort and all the best performance providing an unbeatable combination of quality and style.

The whole 2016 collection is divided into five leading inspiration stories:
Graphic Noise – A vibrant story of magnificent color movement and textures that together creates a chic set of styles. Many different prints creating interesting cuts that flatters and shapes the female form.
Floral Fantasy – Different styles of floral prints whether it is flowers that appear as if they have been painted by hand, creating a fashionable and luxurious look.
Sail Away – stripes and plaid prints designed in an innovative and interesting way, such as a combination of border with an affixing shaped ornament and black princess cuts to shape the body.
Second Skin – Several animal prints together into one allover print with gorgeous movement that creates a look which is both shaping and flattering the female form.
Golden Glam – rich prints and accessories alongside golden motifs and prints with silver touches, golden accessories, crystals, photo prints of beads and sequins, gold and silver leather like embroideries.

Colourful prints and artistic graphics, developed using the digital print technology by Eurojersey , that enables the creation of high-resolution reproductions with incredible, colourful and complex images and patterns, rich in hues and details.


When it comes to creating Gottex swimsuits, we always put our clients first. We needed to find a fabric that would be both elastic and light enough that could make our client feel at ease. That is where Sensitive® Fabrics came into play, the fabric fits our clients like a glove allowing her to feel both comfortable and sexy. After all, it's all about the fabric ;).