Brand of the month

Monreal London is a collection created from the creativity of an enthusiastic tennis player and designer, Stefani Grosse, who wanted to diminish the shortage with a range of functional, sexy of a pure style and chic garments of activewear. Each garment made with the high functional qualities of Sensitive® Fabrics, performs excellent accomplishments thanks to the technology that enables to perfectly follow the movements of the body and to support it, guaranteeing a long life span and comfort.

Monreal London is considered a sophisticated brand that merges fashion and athletic functionality without ever giving up style, with a touch of innovation and modernity in comparison with the traditional activewear. Ideal garments for sportive women that love to put their image in the first place when performing physical activities. Victoria Beckham and Pippa Middleton have been the first affectionate fans of the brand, followed by the golfer Anna Rawson and the fitness blogge Faya Fot.

TESTIMONIAL Stefanï Grosse Founder CEO Monreal London

I love using Sensitive® Fabrics for Monreal’s clothing as they are as luxurious as they are technical. Our customer really appreciates their qualities (breathable, easy-care, quick-drying, with SPF 50+ UV filter). The dynamic four-way stretch materials enable the garments to hold their shape, while Sensitive® Sculpt that we use for leggings makes use of innovative mild compression that supports the body and stimulates blood flow. Of course, the beautiful hand-feel of the
Sensitive® Fabrics and the gorgeous and rich colour palettes enable us to create our high-end collections, fusing stylish aesthetics with cutting-edge innovation.