With a touch of Puglia

Brand of the month

With a touch of Puglia by Sucrette is born from the notes of a journey through Salento with the eyes of those who live and wear it: small capsules of hyper-feminine costumes, which, as dowels of a mosaic, describe the warmth of the red earth, the wind freshness on the face, the smell of sunflower vines. The soft Sensitive® Fabrics are tinged with the "powdery" shades of flowering hydrangeas, dressed in geometric microfances that maliciously reinterpret the world of man-ties with femininity. A precious caress on the body characterized by Ecoprint with pigments of colors and metallic lacquers, respecting the environment and the skin. Comfort and design for a unique, cool and classy style. Rouches, drapes, crystals, indispensable details that give to the garments the exclusivity of a 100% Italian brand, synonymous with passion. The collection is then enriched by the Maria Teresa Calogiuri capsule collection, the stylish designer's tribute to the power and strength of the 1970s, reflected in the damask fabric with bright prints. Sucrette elegantly embraces a summer to wear with ease, full of desire to live and adventures to discover in the beauty of Puglia.


Quality is a must for Sucrette. This is why I choose always the Sensitive® Fabrics: they are lightweight, soft, comfortable and quick drying, summarizes quality, comfort and design. And the positive feedback comes directly from our customers!