Brand of the month

YALANKA is a lingerie brand dedicated to the Chinese lingerie market. By keeping professional and comfortable in brand dna, YALANKA pursues perfection and innovation in design, devoted to bringing best care the body. Inspired by the name “Tower•Love”, YALANKA made gorgeous debut at 2016 Shanghai Fashion Week. To present the new collection, YALANKA showed such fantasy in Sensitive® Fabrics.
With the feature of free-cut, YALANKA showed hollowed-out figures, which is well-shaped but seamless. 3D print is also presented very well on the extra smooth fabrics, which revive an unusual optical effects. Designed to move with a woman’s body, the YALANKA collection in Sensitive® Fabrics is comfortable, breathable, quick drying and wrinkle-free: a seamless underwear without the bulk and restriction of traditional thread, ensuring a natural and functional look, for all occasion. Light and imperceptible like a second skin, allowing long-lasting wear and giving superior softness. A series of ultra-thin garments perfect for casual and formal outfits.


YALANKA is continuously pursuing innovation and quality. Sensitive® Fabrics are known for the high-performing characteristics, as well as the high standards of quality. With their help, YALANKA is able to develop a TOUCH product line, which provide ultimate comfort and invisibility to ensure daily wear in all occasions. Sensitive® Fabrics will support the future development of YALANKA’s next generation products.