At EUROJERSEY we invest continually in technological innovation and personnel training
because we realise that the value of Made in Italy is well recognised in the global
textile market. The value of our fabrics is enhanced by the quality of our production process,
which is view as an example of excellence at international level.


Our integrated management system allows us to intervene on a continuous basis to optimize
the ratio between resources employed and output. We monitor the product during
all of the processing phases. Therefore, we can maintain high quality standards without
wasting materials and also save a considerable amount of energy.
SensitivEcoSystem® hangtag is attached to all products made with our fabrics
and certifies total compliance with the manufacturing procedures.


The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is based on the evaluation of the environmental impact of a square metre of product. All the various processing stages are analysed on the basis of specific parameters, including energy use, CO2 emission, water eutrophication and acidification, and others, to arrive at an exact summary assessment of the impact of 1 square metre of fabric from the Sensitive® Fabrics range.


An LCA analysis considers a product’s life cycle starting with the purchase of raw materials and encompassing all the various transformations that take place during the production process, up to finished product packaging and transportation. EUROJERSEY is the first textile company in the warp-knitted sector to achieve this certification. The Climate Certification, also known as Carbon Footprint, is an abridged form of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). It attests the quantity of CO2 generated per unit product, which in our case is a square metre of fabric from the Sensitive® Fabrics range.

ISO 14001 certification

The certification for conformity to standards UNI EN ISO 14001 is renews every year and attests that EUROJERSEY meets the environmental management requirements set out in the standards. It guarantees that our Company controls the environmental impact of its activities and takes action systematically to reduce it, in keeping with the principles of sustainable development, over the entire Sensitive® Fabrics range.

OEKO-TEX certification

Attests that Sensitive® Fabrics range do not contain and do not release any harmful
substances that can be hazardous to people’s health, pursuant to these textile and clothing
sector standards for the protection of consumers.
Finished products undergo painstaking laboratory analyses checking for the presence/release
of harmful substances, such as pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic amines,
allergising colorants. The requirements and thresholds are constantly updated based
on the latest medical-scientific studies.

Adherence to the EU REACH regulation

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a recording,
evaluation and authorisation system that governs the use and import of harmful chemicals.
EUROJERSEY has undertaken to comply with the system in every respect and makes sure
that its raw materials suppliers in their turn comply with the applicable health and safety
standards , as attested by our OEKO-TEX certification.