EUROJERSEY has always been environment-friendly.
Efficient energy use, investments in eco-compatible technologies, production process
optimisation are the salient traits of the way we work now and the way we look to the future.
An ongoing search for sustainable development methods is the unwavering commitment
that has characterised the history of the Company from the start.

Our Company has a cutting-edge manufacturing system in the textile sector, with which
we can make fabrics with top performing properties and at the same time minimise
the impact on the surrounding environment.

With ever greater efficiency we manage a fully integrated production cycle which is a model
of efficiency recognised at internal level for the results obtained.


EUROJERSEY has a solar panel photovoltaic system generating 18.000 kWh, i.e., enough electricity to power the lighting of Company facilities. By choosing to make exclusive use of electrical energy from certified renewable sources to meet all plant energy requirements, the Company makes a significant contribution to the development of green technologies. The replacement of the knitting department cooling system, air compressors, water pumping stations and dryers into the printing department has resulted in an energy saving of 700,000 kWh, i.e., 8% of the plant’s annual energy use .


Thanks to a highly advance fume extraction and filtration system, besides meeting the legal requirements, the Company makes a significant contribution to the improvement of the plant’s energy efficiency. The fume purification system yields about 30 million litres of hot water for use in the production process, with an energy saving of over 200 Tonnes of Oil Equivalent (TOEs). Wastewater from the production process is treated by an external organisation certified for conformity to standards ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004.


Thanks to the heat recovered by the fume purifying system, EUROJERSEY has significantly reduced the quantity of natural gas used at its plant, with an annual saving of ca 200,000 m3, and thereby has prevented 400 tons of carbon dioxide and 12,000 litres of oil from being released into the air we breathe. The new, energy efficient machines installed in the fabric finishing department make it possible to recover hot air for use in the system.


All of us at EUROJERSEY are highly sensitive to environmental issues, and thanks to the direct involvement of everyone have managed to reduce the quantity of waste produced and put in place an efficient waste sorting system for recycling purposes. Every year, we are able to recover about 10,000 kg of cellophane and 20,000 kg of textile scraps from the production cycle, which are given new life through the recycling and reuse process. Care is taken not to waste paper and cardboard by adapting packaging modalities to the size of the finished products, which also makes for optimised dispatching.


Born of a synergy between the creativity of our Creative Department and the ongoing research work of our Printing Department, EcoPrint is a printing technology offering many environmental benefits: it reduces water consumption by 50% and energy use by 25%, makes it possible to skip a few steps in production cycle and pass on the savings achieved in this manner to the price of the end product.