with Marco Confortola

APRIL 2015


On 1 April 2015, Marco Confortola set out to climb Mt Dhaulagiri, the mountain in Nepal,
which, at 8,167 m, is the seventh highest mountain in the world.
The mountain climber from Valfurva became a spokesperson for EUROJERSEY’s SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE
by carrying with him six barrels from the Printing Department of the Company. The barrels, which
are used on a daily basis at the Printing Department of EUROJERSEY to contain the dyes for
the printing process, became his "suitcases" for the journey. After the expedition they were donated
to the Sherpas, to use for the transport of water and food.

The earthquake in Nepal
and the support mission

The climb to the peak of Dhaulagiri at 8.167 mt was suddenly interrupted
by the deadly earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015. Priorities and objectives changed.
Marco Confortola and his team descended the mountain and began distributing
medicines and food. The blue barrels of the EUROJERSEY Printing Department,
Marco’s famous suitcases, were donated to the families of the Sherpas who had helped
Marco during the expedition, and to other people, for use in the fields, to collect food,
to store rice and other staples.

The return to Italy
and the conclusion
of Sustainable enterprise

Marco Confortola returned to Italy after giving the Nepalese people everything he had.
His behaviour during these trying circumstances was evidence of his desire
to provide assistance in a sustainable manner, in line with the SensitivEcoSystem®
programme by EUROJERSEY.