Sensitive® Fabrics have excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics, the outcome of EUROJERSEY’s incessant R&D activities. Discover the performances and strengths of Sensitive® Fabrics:
SENSITIVE® FABRICS QUALITY AND CREATIVITY Sensitive® Fabrics ensure optimal performances
in every application.
  • Extremely comfortable: all the garments made in Sensitive® Fabrics are very comfortable and pleasing to wear;
  • An extraordinarily soft hand: Sensitive® Fabrics make it possible to create garments that wear like a second skin;
  • Perfectly homogeneous: a smooth, homogeneous surface gives the fabrics luminosity and brightness to the colours;
  • Ultra-fine and light: the very reduced thickness of Sensitive® Fabrics allows for the creation of garments that guarantee exceptional wearability and elegance without losing elasticity and shape retention.
  • Breathable: the open knit of the fabrics ensures good perspiration and enhanced wellbeing for the body;
  • Easy care: extremely easy to care for and wash resistant , these fabrics always retain their original colours and shape.
Sensitive® Fabrics are the outcome of innovative and qualified research work, and embody technical properties that other warp-knitted fabrics cannot match

  • Elastomer exposed: the chlorine wears out the thread and yellows it.
  • Two-sided structure, elastomer in contact with the skin, nylon in the uppermost layer.
  • Fabric is stretched: the knit “contracts” and “closes” creating a curling effect.
  • LYCRA® fibre is protected by the microfibre which is wrapped around it.
  • LYCRA® and Polyamide together create a single thread: thickness is reduced by 50%.
  • Fabric is stretched: the knit “opens” and the elastic memory prevents the curling effect.
The latest manufacturing technologies, including shaping, laser cutting and flocking, combine tailoring effects with the outstanding performances of Sensitive® Fabrics. The taping technology applies heat-sealed tapes to the ultra-flat surface of Sensitive® Fabrics to obtain a body mapping effect, generating a modern, perfectly linear and homogeneous look, combined with great comfort and practicality, having done away with all seams and stitches. The compact structure of these fabrics makes it possible to create stylistically advanced garments, enriched with perfectly flat inlay-like effects or with embossed decorations with relief effects.

The exclusive printing technologies developed by EUROJERSEY combine creativity and extremely high resolution. Digital printing optimises the colours and motifs, producing superior definition textures. With the innovative 3D Print system, every printed detail becomes a precious element, which creates the illusion of a truly three-dimensional fabric. The EcoPrint technology creates tone-sur-tone effects using a pigment that draws patterns on the fabric.