Achieved results

Rigorous check and control enable us to improve our eco performances every year thanks to the will of all the team working in the Company.


The complete renewal of the Company’s central heating plant in 2018/2019 with new high efficiency systems for the generation and distribution of heat enables EUROJERSEY an annual saving of 217,000 cubic metres of methane gas and 460,000 kWh. This reduction in the consumption of methane gas saves emissions equivalent to 434 tons of CO2.


EUROJERSEY uses certified renewable energy only. The Company has a solar panel photovoltaic system with an annual production of approximately 16,000 kWh, which provides the energy required to light the Company’s offices. In recent years the energy efficiency of EUROJERSEY has improved thanks to the installation of a new photovoltaic system in 2019, which is able to generate approximately 70,000 kWh to cover the energy requirements of the shipping warehouse.


Thanks to investments aimed at making the washing process of printed Sensitive® Fabrics more efficient, from 2017 to 2019 EUROJERSEY has managed to reduce their water consumption by 8%. This percentage corresponds to a saving of 40 million litres of water over the Company’s entire water consumption.