Sensitive® Poliestere

Sensitive® Poliestere


The only fabric in the Sensitive® Fabrics’ range with polyester fiber, ideal for sportswear and technicians who dry quickly. Sensitive® Polyester is available in fluo colors that guarantee high colour fastness.


Composition: 74% polyester PL / 26% EA(LYCRA®)
Weight: 180 g/m2 | Height: 150 cm
Elongation Test 15 N*: Width % 150 / Length % 105

Unique performances

Discover the incomparable performances of this fabric

Sensitive fabric extra comfort
Sensitive Fabric body moisture system
Sensitive Fabric quick drying
Sensitive Fabric sun block
Sensitive Fabric extra fine
Sensitive Fabric Chlorine Resistance
Sensitive Fabric no pilling
Sensitive Fabric easy-care
Sensitive Fabric wrinkle free