Swimwear Collection Summer 2024

A journey in grand style for Sensitive® Fabrics by EUROJERSEY, thanks to a collection aimed at a refined look that does not neglect that sporty-chic accent and a shimmering touch to brighten up a minimalist taste, making every beach outfit special.
The desire for nostalgic escapism emerges from the new colour palette that makes one dream of rich and opulent fantasies. A more active character gives a feminine image in tune with the body and in total freedom, as well as a trend full of dreamy, psychedelic suggestions influenced by the new aesthetics of the Metaverse. Amplified atmospheres of architecture, art and nature blend with the soul of a place and materials, harmonising style and desires. Joyful and delicate floral prints accentuate timid combinations experimenting with a more contemporary harmony in line with the mood of the new season.
Ideal for the swimwear sector, Sensitive® Fabrics are high-performance fabrics that provide 50+ sun protection, breathability, fast drying, as well as ten times more resistance to the effects of chlorinated water, sunscreen and heat than other fabrics.  Known for their patented textile construction and endowed with three-dimensional elasticity and tested shape and colour retention, they are the result of an innovative technology for making protective and versatile swimwear.

There are six trends in the Summer 2024 collection: Rewind, Twilight, Pure, Vibration, Heart&Soul and Floral, which are divided into soothing and super-electric shades, sparkling touches and plant nuances in a mix of embossed textures and digital graphics in contrast to micro or macro flower print proposals.

Rewind trend

Twilight trend

Pure trend

Vibration trend

Heart&Soul trend

Floral trend