a successful start to 2022

EUROJERSEY Spa at the top of the international textile industry in the field of warp-knitted technical fabrics, represents Made in Italy style and creativity interpreted by its Sensitive® Fabrics. Thanks to an entrepreneurial strategy that combines innovation and constant attention to quality with a sustainable development of its large-scale production, as well as promoting continuous economic investments related to the fine-tuning of the production process, the Company has a growing turnover.

The year 2022 will see investments and resources of around 9 million Euros. “The areas involved”, confirms Andrea Crespi, General Manager of EUROJERSEY, “concern the completion of the new Atelier division in the Knitting department, which when fully operational will have 12 looms, the development of the Dyeing project with the implementation of new dyeing machines with the aim of reducing water use by 15%, and the inclusion of new machinery for the preparation and finishing of fabrics”.
Thanks to investments in recent years, the Company increased its turnover in 2021 by +27.5% compared to 2020. “Not only that”, says Matteo Cecchi, Sales Director, “we can say that we are at +10% compared to 2019, having closed 2021 with a turnover of 80 million. The priority objective now for 2022 is to consolidate the results achieved and aim for a further increase of +5% on the previous year”.
The constant search for quality, the avant-garde factory, the efficiency and productivity with a single plant with a completely verticalised cycle, from knitting to dyeing, finishing and printing: these are all elements of excellence with which EUROJERSEY has not only consolidated its client portfolio, but has also acquired new important ones in the Italian and International fashion sectors.