SS’23 Activewear collection

Being active makes you happy and expresses itself in that sense of lightness that EUROJERSEY has wanted to capture and bring into the new activewear collection Spring/Summer 2023 made with Sensitive® Fabrics.
Unique for their ultra-flat surface and high elastic memory, Sensitive® Fabrics combine flexibility and protection, sculpting the silhouette and supporting the muscles in the most appropriate way, offering lightness and calibrated compression.
Micro-geometric prints are mixed with jacquard patterns for surprising 3D effects, enriching and enhancing every garment and making every look unique for INFINITY STRETCH trend.
SWITCH COMMUTE tells about delicate colours of green, blue-azure and brown nuances embellish each pattern on Sensitive® Fabrics, creating the illusion that takes you on a sensory journey made up of increased and extended geometric patterns ideal for harmonious and ultra-comfortable garments.
Ultra-modern garments with kinetic vibrations and kaleidoscopic effects in Sensitive® Fabrics become perfect for wearing at home or while out walking. Fluctuating contrasts set every outfit on fire, giving it just the right amount of punch and joyfulness for MOVING CULTURE trend.
While in PREHISTORACE Sensitive® Fabrics offer marbled effects and prints that recall the cracks in the earth, harnessing intense shades of magnetic blue and classic earthy-red to rediscover that balance and serenity that invites you to new outdoor destinations.