At Milano Unica EUROJERSEY launches the new “STRETCH YOUR FREEDOM” campaign:  an invitation to unleash creativity and let every single movement flow naturally thanks to the versatility and adaptability of Sensitive ® Fabrics.
Comfortable garments to create a transformable wardrobe that adapts to all occasions, from more formal and traditional wear to garments designed even for extreme conditions. Thanks to the intrinsic potential of Sensitive® Fabrics and their elastic memory, fruit of a patented textile construction and the presence of Lycra elastomeric fibre,  these fabrics express an authentic three-dimensional stretch. Sensitive® Fabrics are as impalpable as a second skin yet also extremely hardwearing, able to confer great comfort and elasticity  to garments which remodel the body shape.
The new menswear AW 2020-21 collection is inspired by the UNTRADITIONAL TAILORING with British prints such as tartan, twill, gabardine and tweed, carried over with a perfect print definition on Sensitive® Fabrics.  Hyper realistic patterns are printed onto the ultra flat fabric ground with 3D-effect photographic precision, thanks to  EUROJERSEY digital printing.