Lingerie endowed with second-skin comfort adorns a dynamic and versatile femininity.
Four on-trend moods define an amazing and versatile Lingerie collection whose unquestioned protagonist is the quality of Sensitive® Fabrics, which combines an impalpable look and soft hand-feel to offer the ideal solution for making up any type of underwear garment, from the lightest and most sensual lingerie to shapewear lines.

COMFORTABLE EMBRACE is a selection of prints onto Sensitive® Fabrics which reproportion body lines and ensure a natural modelling effect for a harmonious silhouette and functional comfort. An impeccable fit and extreme lightness are the leitmotif of the COCOONING DELUXE theme dedicated to a refined lingerie that dresses the figure like a second skin, thanks to fabrics that softly follow the body and facilitate its movements, accentuated by patterns and weaves recalling lace and embroidery with a 3-D effect, like a skin tattoo. In TIMELESS SEDUCTION the many nuances of seduction become must-have designs in black lace teamed up with lively motifs, such as sequined animalier prints or brightly coloured flowers. Functionality, performance and freedom of movement are expressed by the PURE ACTIVE theme: extremely breathable fabrics and prints add up to an underwear solution which enhances the figure and is specifically studied for a dynamic and active lifestyle.