We need water

We all need water to survive. Protecting our water resources is key, not only for our survival, but also for that of hundreds of animal and plant species that would become extinct if they did not have access to rivers, lakes and streams in good conditions.
This is why Eurojersey decided to support WWF’s activities in Italy, through a collaboration focused on the theme of Water.
Wetlands are the world’s most endangered ecosystems, the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change, and yet they protect us from flooding and inundation, absorb greenhouse gases and, in absolute terms, are the richest in biodiversity. According to the latest data, 60% of the European rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands are not in good health. In Italy the situation is far from rosy: of the 7,494 rivers considered, only 43% are in “good ecological conditions”, 41% are well below the quality benchmark, and 16% have not even been classified. Even more preoccupying are the conditions of Italy’s 347 lakes, with only 20% of them meeting the requirements set out in the European Directive on the status of water bodies*.
WWF Italia protects the wetlands, and the biodiversity that characterises them, with its Oases, undertakes awareness raising campaigns targeting the institutions and the public at large, in the belief that it is essential to ensure that these areas, which are as important as they are at risk, be preserved and safeguarded. Eurojersey has long since put in place production systems designed to preserve the quality of water resources, and for many years now it has supported the WWF in its effort to conserve Water – the resource on which all life depends.

[*Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC)]