An exclusive italian story

Eurojersey s.p.a.

Founded in 1960, EUROJERSEY is a reference point in the sector of Italian-made warp knit fabrics, thanks to its patented range called Sensitive® Fabrics, selected by major brands for sportswear, readytowear, intimate apparel and swimwear markets.
We work with a fully integrated production plant, from knitting to dyeing, through finishing and printing. Underpinning the Company’s success is a business strategy that combines innovation and constant attention to quality with the sustainable development of large-scale production.

Code of Ethics

EUROJERSEY’s Code of Ethics, inspired by the principles of Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty and Transparency, Social and Environmental Responsibility, is intended to be a tool for the dissemination of the Company’s values, culture and identity and, at the same time, a true “moral contract” to which all stakeholders inside and outside the Company are bound.

Our Story


Foundation of EUROJERSEY as textile company.

EUROJERSEY invests in R&D to update its technology and diversify its products’ range.

Birth of the Sensitive® Fabrics‘ project for the first production of warp-knit fabrics patented by EUROJERSEY.

Launch of the Sensitive® Fabrics‘ range for swimwear. EUROJERSEY is part of the Carvico Group.

Production of the Sensitive® Fabrics‘ range with a matte appearance.

The Company headquarter is restructured based on a design by architect Antonio Citterio.

Launch of the Sensitive® Seric fabric with a silky finish.

The EUROJERSEY Hong Kong division is born.

EUROJERSEY begins to market its Sensitive® Fabrics‘ products for the intimate apparel sector.

The EUROJERSEY China Division is born.

EUROJERSEY begins to market its Sensitive® Fabrics‘ products in sportswear.

Sensitive® Life, a new fabric for the aqua-wear world, is born.

EUROJERSEY launches the SensitivEcoSystem® programme to promote the eco-sustainable quality of Sensitive® Fabrics‘ production.

Birth of Sensitive® Touch, the ultra light, impalpable fabric, and Sensitive® Sheer, refined and shiny fabric, both of them ideal for the intimate apparel segment.

The Sensitive® Fit era begins: Fashion Innovative Technology. New body-shaping fabrics.

EUROJERSEY unveils Sensitive® Sculpt, the fabric that shapes the body and gives it beauty and freedom of movement.

The range of fabrics for the intimate apparel sector is enriched with the launch of Sensitive® b.Feel, unique dual-feel, extra-soft fabric with a seductive flair.

Launch of Sensitive® Sculpt Light, technical fabric specially designed for the shapewear, sportswear and swimwear sectors.

EUROJERSEY presents Sensitive® Grace, the new lingerie fabric with an elegant spirit and an irresistible hand-feel.

New technologies onto Sensitive® Fabrics such as graphene membranes and bonding with merino wool.

Sensitive® Fabrics are enriched with functional membranes and punch out.

Sensitive® Power Evo is the new powerful but light fabric for great comfort all day long..

Sensitive® Fabrics ennoble with new printing technologies such as 3D print, yarn-died effect, Eco Print.


The quality of our products and manufacturing processes is guaranteed by authoritative international certification services that attest the conformity of Sensitive® Fabrics products to the most stringent standards in force in numerous countries.

LYCRA® brand

Sensitive® Classic
Sensitive® Bonded
Sensitive® Power
Sensitive® Ultralight
Sensitive® Plus
Sensitive® Plus Bonded
Sensitive® Seric Plus
Sensitive® Sculpt Light
Sensitive® Sand
Sensitive® Grace

LYCRA® SPORT technology

Sensitive® Classic
Sensitive® Bonded
Sensitive® Power
Sensitive® Plus
Sensitive® Plus Bonded
Sensitive® Life
Sensitive® Seric Plus
Sensitive® Sculpt
Sensitive® Sculpt Light
Sensitive® Fit

LYCRA® BEAUTY fabrics for intimate apparel

Sensitive® Life
Sensitive® Fit

LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric for swimwear

Sensitive® Fit
Sensitive® Sculpt

XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber for swimwear

Sensitive® Classic
Sensitive® Bonded
Sensitive® Power
Sensitive® Plus Bonded
Sensitive® Life
Sensitive® Fit
Sensitive® Sculpt