Wear a better world

The future belongs to everyone: preserving it is a duty that every business has towards the world. Developing a more responsible production model is not plainly necessary, it is an investment for tomorrow. Ever since 2007, through the SensitivEcoSystem® project EUROJERSEY decided to join and promote change by reducing the environmental impact of its production process.
SensitivEcoSystem® is an all-encompassing vision focused on a set of procedures developed to cut down water, energy and chemical consumption and reduce waste and carbon emissions, thus triggering virtuous behaviours that involve every single aspect of the Company’s daily life and even reach beyond its borders to raise awareness on environmental responsibility.

Our Footprint Report

Published for the third consecutive year, the Company describes and reports on the evolution of its path of responsibility towards the environment, society and people which began in 2007 with the SensitivEcoSystem® programme.




EUROJERSEY employs special procedures and technologies to reduce water, energy and chemical consumption and cut down waste and carbon emissions.
Yet this is not enough: by leveraging a specific set of parameters to measure its carbon footprint along the whole production chain, the Company also gathers all the data that is required to reduce its own environmental impact.



EUROJERSEY’s sustainability goes well beyond the Company’s perimeter: for many years now, the Company joined several major environmental protection programs in collaboration with internationally recognized partners and organizations.



EUROJERSEY promotes a development and profitability vision based on the pursue of social, economic and environmental balance. Because every department of the Company is involved in this mission, through the years sustainability has become a guiding principle and an authentic form of shared culture.

Tessere il benessere

Through the SensitivEcoSystem® sustainability program, since 2014 the Company has been promoting a proper and balanced diet and committing to offer its employees several opportunities to improve their health and lifestyle.

Run for all

Since 2014, EUROJERSEY has been supporting AISM (the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association) at the Milano Marathon, by donating T-shirts made with Sensitive® Fabrics and actively taking part in sporting events.