Being able to estimate our environmental impact with accuracy is the first step towards reducing it. Our Footprint Calculator allows you to easily and quickly calculate the carbon footprint of every single garment made with Sensitive® Fabrics.

Production inevitably leaves a mark on the world, but we have the duty and the responsibility to make this trace less invasive as possible.
That is why, in 2019, EUROJERSEY adopted the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) international program, which employs very specific and well-defined criteria to assess the environmental impact of the whole production chain. By embracing the PEF, EUROJERSEY upgraded its environmental performances and production chain control system, gaining several competitive advantages as well as managing to obtain complete product traceability.

If you don’t know your environmental footprint, how can you even think of reducing it?


Issued in December 2020 and relating to data gathered in 2019, the latest PEF certificate assessed the environmental footprint of EUROJERSEY and the improvements achieved by the Company compared to the previous two years.
The results concerning the production of Sensitive® Fabrics have shown a sharp decrease both in energy/water consumption and carbon emissions, obtained through plant and process optimization.