FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano




The shape, the best, of water

Eurojersey, continues its partnership with the Foundation that protects Italy’s historical, artistic and landscape heritage, by supporting water efficiency works at the eighteenth-century residence in Casalzuigno (VA).

The noble 18th-century residence in Valcuvia, which FAI has restored to its former splendour, is located a few kilometres from Varese and Lake Maggiore, set in a monumental Italian-style garden, an original setting of stone-carved terraces that rise up the hill to the large green lawn of the “theatre”, with the fishpond and a steep path to the panoramic belvedere.

The fountain before and after Credit: © FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano
Credit: Stefano Casiraghi © FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano

The imposing and spectacular staircase of the Villa, which has been surprising admiring visitors since the 18th century, actually encloses a complex water management system, where the efficiency enhancement work is supported by EUROJERSEY thanks to the restoration work to eliminate seepage into the steps and work on the water conveyance system to allow water to be supplied without waste  and for garden irrigation purposes while a closed-circuit supply system has been set up for the fountains on the side slopes.