The new Sensitive®  Fabrics 2020 Swimwear Collection

Creative themes, ideal for adding verve to a contemporary concept of femininity. High performing Sensitive® Fabrics give each swimwear garment an impeccable fit along with UPF filter, high resistance to chlorinated wate and sun creams, together with quick drying, shape retaining and colour resistance. Four main themes spring from the versatility of Sensitive® Fabrics – BEATING, WHISPERING, SWINGING, PARLEY – to evoke the multiple and constantly evolving dress and lifestyle visions. They range from elegant and fashionable animalier themes played out in light-dark contrasting effects – to reflect a collective sensation, to soft delicate shades recalling a close contact with the environment in a man-nature duality which seems to be resolved quietly and pacifically. Modern art, luminous colours, which awaken the senses and evoke energy and fun, as well as eco-sustainability, the preservation of the oceans, a topic that is dear to EUROJERSEY, with prints inspired by the depths of the sea and colours ranging from sand to the wide spectrum of blues.