DAI. performance wear for the professional woman

Dai is performance wear for women who mean business. Born in 2017 at the intersection of innovative fabrics and elegant tailoring, Dai delivers “feels like yoga, wears like a powersuit” solutions for the professional woman. Dai’s collection features the power of Sensitive® Fabrics for blazers, trousers, dresses and tops. With Sensitive® Fabrics’ patented capabilities such as 4-way stretch, breathability, and wrinkle resistance, Dai’s easy-to-wear pieces effortlessly perform for the modern female. Beyond products, Dai is committed to sustainability and positive social impact that empowers women.


Joanna Dai


We believe in optimizing performance and presence for professional women, and achieving our vision in a positive way for our people and planet. We could not have found better a fabric to lead our collection with than Sensitive® Fabrics, nor a more pioneering textile partner than Eurojersey. Not only did the innovative fabrics excel in all the functions we were looking for, backed up technology and rigorous testing, your entire platform on sustainability and environmental impact is industry-leading and aligned with our brand ethos.