Sensitive® Bonded

Sensitive® Bonded

Art. BFT5

Sensitive® Bonded (328 g/m2). Created using a special technique which unites two strands of Sensitive® Classic fabric melding them together, they are perfect for heavier or more constructed garments. The Bonded versions are also useful for the manufacture of shoulder straps and reinforcements.


Composition: 72% microfibre PA / 28% EA(LYCRA®)
Weight: 340 g/m2 | Height: 135 cm
Elongation Test 15 N*: Width % 70 / Length % 50
Elongation Test 35 N*: Width % 50 / Length % 75

Unique performances

Discover the incomparable performances of this fabric

Sensitive fabric extra comfort
Sensitive Fabric body moisture system
Sensitive Fabric quick drying
Sensitive Fabric sun block
Sensitive Fabric easy-care
Sensitive Fabric wrinkle free