Eurojersey is sustaining Doctors without Borders this year, the year of its 50th anniversary, specifically the MSF Medical Academy project and the Kenema hospital, in Sierra Leone.

50 years of humanity

“Doctors without Borders was founded on the 22nd December 1971. In 2021 this independent, medical-humanitarian organisation will be 50 years old: an occasion to witnesses everything that has been done, but above all, a challenge to do even more, to always be in the wrong place at the right time”.

MSF Medical Academy

Set up in 2019 in 4 countries (Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan), this projects objectives are to:

Ensure specialised training for local medical and paramedical personnel in order to guarantee that patients are cared for following proper quality standards;

Create a new generation of local medical and paramedical personnel who, over the next few years, will be able to manage hospitals and clinics on their own, where, at the moment, the Doctors without Borders work along with expatriate staff.

Kenema Hospital

In Sierra Leone MSF is present in 13 peripheral healthcare facilities and has a hospital in Kenema.
The objective is to reduce the levels of disease and mortality in children and women while pregnant and during childbirth in a country that has the highest rates of maternal and infant deaths in the world.
The hospital has a series of facilities for pediatric care, including an emergency department, an intensive care unit, a hospital therapeutic nutrition centre, a general medicine ward and an isolation ward for patients with suspected Lassa fever. The Kenema hospital is the focal point of the MSF Academy project, with a dedicated area for the high-level training of the project’s participants.