EUROJERSEY invests in corporate welfare

Safety at work and continuous training, healthy nutrition and psycho-physical well-being, social sustainability, listening and a better work-life balance are the cornerstones of a comprehensive and virtuous welfare plan initiated by EUROJERSEY.
The objectives regarding the social protection of people, the territory and the workplace  are pursued by the welfare department through the application of a code of ethics inspired by the principles of integrity, loyalty, honesty and transparency. EUROJERSEY’s Code expresses a clear commitment to all workers and stakeholders and is reinforced in the “Tessere il Benessere”, the Company’s Wellbeing programme, a sustainability strategy that engages the entire supply chain.
Since 2014, the Company joined the WHP project (Workplace Health Promotion) Network of the Lombardy Region, with the aim of supporting good practices on nutrition, smoking and alcohol. This commitment is reflected both in the free company gym as well as an in-house canteen stocked with products also from Slowfood producers.
To play an active role in the topic of prevention in the workplace, EUROJERSEY has endorsed the ‘No smoking in the Company’ programme, thanks to which smokers are disincentivised through a new training course designed to stop smoking, while protecting colleagues, friends and, consequently, families.
Also, part of the Company’s policy is a free telephone helpline offering psychological support and legal, fiscal and social assistance guidance in cases of stress, anxiety and worry. A specialist in fascial, cranio-sacral and somato-emotional osteopathy is also available to improve psychophysical wellbeing.