Now you know

Choose something that’s good for you: just a few, intense words to express and get across a very important message, as does EUROJERSEY’s new international campaign about its Sensitive® Fabrics.
The visual of the new advertising campaign is simple yet complex at the same time: a woman submerged in a heap of clothes seems to say “there are plenty of choices, but it is essential to choose well, as every choice entails a consequence”. The campaign uses a claim, Now you know, that is both an invitation and a recommendation, also considering a printed QR Code that leads to a website page with details about the Company’s sustainability program and environmental footprint.
The Company has always been committed to sustainability: in 2007, it inaugurated the SensitivEcoSystem® project, reflecting a holistic vision in the choice of measures specially designed to minimise the use of water, energy and chemical products and the quantity of emissions and waste generated, triggering a series of virtuous behaviours that characterise every aspect of company life and extend beyond its boundaries to help build a widespread culture of environmental responsibility.