Every sport requires an accurate selection of garments defined by new colour and print concepts. REACT, the new AW 2022 Activewear collection of Sensitive® Fabrics by EUROJERSEY develops the capacity to enhance key aspects of the athletes’ performance and talent to ensure maximum results.
Sensitive® Fabrics, which are perfect for training and muscle toning in all sports, combine an incomparable performance with flexibility and protection. They sculpt the silhouette and adequately support the muscle tissue, while providing lightness and calibrated compression. Comfortable, adaptable, breathable and endowed with 50+ UV ray protection, they guarantee an impeccable fit with perfect shape retention even after frequent washing and use. These easy care, long-lasting fabrics also offer insurmountably rapid drying times.With their ultra-flat surface and elevated elastic memory, Sensitive® Fabrics provide the perfect solution for sports garments requiring the most innovative treatments to make them weather-proof in all conditions. Among the novelties of this collection, EUROJERSEY is presenting Sensitive® Fabrics bonded with special wind-proof coatings and bicoloured solutions in which Sensitive® Fabrics are bonded with fleece and water-repellent membranes with waterproof properties.