The new campaign #REALISBETTER

The partnership with WWF Italy which was set up in 2015 represents the crowning achievement of the SensitivEcoSystem® programme. A new chapter covering the 2018-2021 three-year period continues to pursue the water theme as a resource of the planet, consolidated by a new campaign focused on the marine eco-system, from sustainable fishing to shark protection. With the new advertising image, #REALISBETTER, EUROJERSEY with WWF Italy promotes a universal message of awareness to reduce the plastic in our sea and to promote sustainable fishing with a view to protecting marine species such as sharks. More specifically, the #SafeSharks project is committed to safeguarding this species which is at the top of the food chain and plays an essential role in safeguarding the natural equilibrium of our sea. The death rate of sharks in the Mediterranean as a result of by-catch fishing is still high: it is therefore important to adopt technical solutions to avoid accidental capture with nets and long-lines which also harm many other protected animals such as sea turtles, dolphins and even seabirds.
EUROJERSEY backs the activity of WWF Italy also by means of its T-shirts in Sensitive® Fabrics with regenerated Reco Nylon® which will be donated to fishermen and WWF voluntary workers to help support the #SafeSharks project.
The T-shirts will also be worn during WWF Italy’s Shark Day to be held on 13 July in Monopoli when a number of sharks will be endowed with a special satellite system (Tags) able to transmit information on their movements and, above all, their survival rate. Thanks to this satellite monitoring system, it will be possible to safeguard the reproduction and nursery areas of this species.