Amaiò, based out of Los Angeles, occupies a rarified space where swimwear meets ready-to-wear and tells an intimate story of textile and functionality. The brand’s emphasis on quality, sustainable fabrics that are as delightful to the touch as they are to the eye is a major part of what sets it apart from other swim brands. As such, Amaiò uses Sensitive® Fabrics in all of its pieces. The ultra-soft and breathable fabrics are used prominently in the brand’s solids collection, as well as in linings across the entire Amaiò swim collection.


Samantha Khoury


From the moment I launched Amaiò, it has been critical that this brand offer uncompromising quality on every level.  To me, this means using materials that are not only beautiful, but also supremely comfortable, technologically innovative, and, last but certainly not least, environmentally responsible. That’s exactly what we found in Sensitive® Fabrics, and we take heart in knowing that we are working with a company whose ethics align so well with ours.  It just doesn’t get any better than Sensitive® Fabrics.