arena celebrates feminine beauty with the new Bodylift swimwear line for Spring / Summer 2019, designed for women wishing to feel beautiful and at ease at all times, whether on the beach or in the pool. With an exclusive design based on differentiated levels of compression, the costumes in the arena Bodylift line provide support, control and a perfect fit, as they shape the figure and ensure total freedom of movement. Bodylift technology uses one of the most cutting edge sports apparel fabrics which is actually produced from innovative, patented Sensitive® FIT fabric with XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre, with the additional benefit of LYCRA® BEAUTY certification – this line defines and remodels the female figure to give it a more harmonious and slender appearance.
For the hot, sunny season, the latest costume designs slenderize the figure thanks to special “silicon flock technology” which perfectly combines functionality and good looks, while also guaranteeing maximum comfort: silicon inserts are in fact strategically applied to the areas of the abdomen and bust or directly onto the outer surface of the costume, according to the type of swimwear, to accompany the silhouette and enhance the modelling effect in a way that is perfectly natural, but also light and comfortable. The innovative silicon application is flanked by special features which guarantee a perfect fit to all women, enabling them to feel confident and at their best: modern prints, played out between lively and dynamic patterns or more traditional linear motifs, enhance all female figures, to meet the needs of women who wish to express their beauty and fashion flair no matter what the context; crossing shoulder straps with one or more straps which gently envelop the back and lighten pressure on the shoulders; styles with a low cut back and branded elastic trims to make movements more flexuous and light; different bra types with increasing levels of support complete the characteristics of these figure shaping costumes which enhance the silhouette as they support and exalt it in a way that is perfectly natural and discreet.


Roberto Tiburzi

Category Manager – Swimwear and Apparel

arena Bodylift is a swimwear range providing support, control and a perfect fit for all women wishing to look their best at all times. To deliver these plus factors, the fabric used must have a number of specific properties: it must shape but not compress, it must be elastic and lightweight at the same time, it must have a hand-feel that is soft but also technical. On top of this, it must also be resistant to chlorine. It is no simple matter to combine all of these characteristics in one single fabric, also because some of them would appear to be incompatible. Sensitive® Fabrics possess all of these features and this is why Sensitive® Fit is the perfect fabric for enhancing the beauty of Bodylift swimwear.