CHLORE is a brand for urban swimmers, created by Helene Boulanger and Franck Laureys, in July 2018. The new AQUATIC REFLECTION line is inspired by the most beautiful swimming pools of France: elegant & performing swimwear collection, with a pure line, athletic cut and a perfect wearability, thanks to the performance of the innovative Sensitive® Bonded fabric. A line of aesthetic & functional swimsuits, perfect for each female silhouette. The entire collection is identify by a CHROMATIC SIGNATURE: «Le Bleu Piscine», associated to black for a purified ultra chic style.


Helene Boulanger and Franck Laureys


For our collection we chose Sensitive® Plus Bonded fabric for its technical but precious handfeel, high chlorine resistance and the exceptional support. All these unique performances are ideal for our structured swimwear line for urban swimmers and all water sports enthusiasts.