Sensitive® Power Evo

Sensitive® Power Evo


Sensitive® Power Evo is a high-tech fabric designed to adapt to all looks and lifestyles, offering a perfect fit and maximum comfort every moment of your day, with very low maintenance. Powerful & light, it weighs only 250 grams per square metre and has a compact and full-bodied handfeel.


Composition: 74% microfibre PA / 26% EA
Weight: 250 g/m2 | Height: 155 cm
Elongation Test 15 N*: Width % 85 / Length % 40
Elongation Test 35 N*: Width % 120 / Length % 55

Unique performances

Discover the incomparable performances of this fabric

Sensitive fabric extra comfort
Sensitive Fabric body moisture system
Sensitive Fabric quick drying
Sensitive Fabric sun block
Sensitive Fabric Chlorine Resistance
Sensitive Fabric easy-care
Sensitive Fabric wrinkle free