Sensitive® Fabrics with innovative LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ certification  usher in the new Sports Bra era.

Sensitive® Fabrics allow to create Sports Bras that sculpt the silhouette, create ergonomic shapes and offer an optimal mix of comfort and support, the essential plus factors ensuring full motion control in any type of sports training.

Thanks to the avant-garde certification LYCRA® SPORT PCE™, Sensitive® Fabrics provide a detailed identikit of their remarkable properties, to accurately identify the most suitable fabric for any given sports garment, no matter how complex, such as a Sports Bra.
The LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ INDEX TECHNOLOGY platform combines the elasticity of LYCRA® fibre with three key indexes: Power (P), Comfort(C) and Energy (E) in other words PCE™, used for the performance evaluation tests of each individual fabric on a scale of 1 to 10. With this innovative certification, Sensitive® Fabrics are the perfect choice for any sports-related activity!