Authenticity drives the new Sensitive® Fabrics Ready to Wear Collection that reference fabrics heritage re-spun for a contemporary audience. Grunge 90’s influences are revised by EUROJERSEY, drawing inspiration from the projects by Massimo Osti, the father of modern techno-fashion who revolutionized the fashion industry in the 80’s and 90’s, by experimenting innovative textile treatments. For autumn/winter ’19-’20 EUROJERSEY is presenting the garment dyeing and cold washing technique onto Sensitive® Fabrics: finished garments are dyed in a colour bath before being washed, enabling them to retain their natural characteristics and to take on some unique colour nuances. The reinterpretation of bomber jackets and pants harks back to the Grunge style, in which  dirty colour tones are washed with enzymes and placed one on top of the other to create washed out colour effects, showing how colour can vary at different temperatures. The creased finishes and waxed effects, achieved by bonding Sensitive® Fabrics with outer membranes, add additional tactile consistency to create a used look that has no equal.