EUROJERSEY's sustainable enterprise

Important new milestones in EUROJERSEY’s sustainable production activities within the ambit of the SensitivEcoSystem® project, thus testifies to the Company’s environmental commitment, focusing on  the issue of micro plastics pollution from textiles.
EUROJERSEY has promoted a scientific study in collaboration with the CNR – NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL of Biella aimed at effecting a comparative analysis between Sensitive® Fabrics and other man-made fabrics of different blends to identify any release of micro plastic particles after washing and drying garments. Bearing in mind that a garment made up in Sensitive® Fabrics requires very little maintenance and water consumption, as well being quick to dry, it ensues that it has an above average lifecycle and a lower environmental impact. This research has led the Company to seriously address the issue of micro plastics and to invest future resources to supply increasingly innovative solutions to continue to improve the quality and lifecycle of its Sensitive® Fabrics‘ range.