Express yourself

Sensitive® Fabrics by EUROJERSEY is presenting a selection of prints for Spring-Summer 2021 collection with dashes of retro charm, revisited and transformed in an expressive contemporary mood. A collection dedicated to dynamic women of character with a propensity for a glamorous and romantic style or a sexier look of gypsy allure interpreted in animal prints. Underwear and nightwear garments assume country-style influences in a warm colour palette for street-style outfits or optimistic atmospheres in deep shades for more sporty solutions.
Digital printing takes centre stage once again this season with 3D PRINT, a technology that produces natural looking patterns and textures and photographic effects. Colours and graphic designs are of an extremely high definition, each printed detail on Sensitive® Fabrics have the perfect colour rendering and, thanks to an ultra-flat surface, the optical illusion is that of a truly three-dimensional fabric.