For a better future

The year is drawing to a close: 2020 has been unlike any other we have experienced, a year in which our consolidated beliefs and lifestyles have certainly been questioned. There is an increasingly obvious need to make innovative choices in favour of a more rational use of natural resources, together with improved production methods, which really have to become sustainable, and new consumer behaviour patterns that must be responsible.
For many years, Eurojersey has flanked the WWF in Italy, fully aware that we have to work together to trigger positive change. We have backed conservation projects involving our planet’s water resources and biodiversity, while contributing to the protection of iconic marine and freshwater species and safeguarding the Oases run by WWF Italia.
In the course of this year, we have “accompanied” you in your discovery of certain areas protected by WWF Italia, in which we have appreciated the uniqueness of natural environments characterized by lakes, ponds and streams inhabited by a great number of different species. However, it is necessary to continue to pursue our commitment to safeguard not only water, but the entire Planet: through its campaign “Il Mondo che Verrà” (The World to Come), the WWF invites us to imagine the world after the pandemic and to submit our own suggestions and ideas for building a future together.