The FW 2021-22 readytowear collection of Sensitive® Fabrics takes on a positive significance in its imitation of an ideal form of reality. An aesthetic evolution that is optimistic and oriented towards looking beyond what immediately meets the eye.
Among focus trend, BOLD enhances a desire to return to an aesthetic that is ironic and bold, sparkling and joyful, in other words the prevailing mood of the 80’s and 90’s. A repertoire of forms from the past and iconic objects represent a dream of stability and return to our origins, in an attitude that is clear-cut, divisive and uncompromising for a visionary and functional aesthetic without half measures. A light-filled intensity works its way through patterns of variegated geometries and harmonious discords, resulting in contrasting dogtooth-effect prints and chevron motifs of a more exuberant rhythm. OTHERWORDLY trend is the mood of the new explorers, those courageous men who dare to venture farther than the reassuring line of the horizon in their return to nature. Dusty vegetable pigments and mineral tones of a more aristocratic and country-chic taste enter the fray and mingle on Sensitive® Fabrics in an evolution of refined tweed prints and British-style tartan effects, alongside elegant pinstripes.
The PARADE trend creates a luxurious atmosphere grafted onto the urban culture and invokes a more imaginative and whimsical taste.
A palette of precious and voluptuous colours played out in shades of violet and fuchsia evokes enthusiasm and vitality to enhance the remarkable characteristics of Sensitive® Fabrics on outfits of magnetic sensuality.