"Relax" the AW 2022 Underwear collection

The AW 2022 Underwear collection made with Sensitive® Fabrics called “Relax” combine sex appeal and comfort thanks to vibrant colours, decisive prints and light fabrics which are also hyper-feminine. An invitation to take care of one’s body, a new meditative concept towards an inner reflection, dedicating the right amount of time to oneself.
Delicate, fleeting prints gracefully wrap around and reassure, creating that security, a gentle expression of the many facets of femininity. Impalpable and transparent, they are covered with candid, neutral shades with rose-coloured sugary variations and powdery nuances like a veil of blush for Soothing Light trend. In Trippy Flowers, flora and fauna inspire the jungle prints with a kaleidoscopic effect with pictorial spots for the new camouflage offers. Fluorescent shades with yellow, red and orange accents blend with the softer colours of nature, from the beige of the earth to the blue of the sky.
Beaded prints, sparkles and glittering atmospheres alternate with more sophisticated designs, creating new forms of comfort zones in High Voltage.
The Craft Couture theme includes watercolour floral prints, using the dusty, fresh colours of pink, blue and green like the days in the open air in the countryside, combined with the taste of the more rustic, but noble, graphics of sand and brown nuances, guaranteeing that touch of the contemporary for a perfect stylish look for every single garment.