Eurojersey steps in to support Save the Children‘s projects against child malnutrition.

Children are the most vulnerable victims of a severe food crisis. The combination of COVID-19, conflict and climate change have driven hunger and malnutrition to unprecedented levels, with an estimated 276 million people experiencing severe food insecurity. By the end of 2022, another 13.6 million children could be severely malnourished. We simply cannot allow this to happen.
This terrible threat needs an exceptional response.

Health and Nutrition

The project located in the Zomba district, a southern region of Malawi, aims to improve agriculture and nutritional practices in local families and schools. In this area, the level of food insecurity is very serious due to the lack of rain that dries up the arable land and adds to the increasing poverty that exists. Malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies are progressively affecting the development of children between 6 months and 5 years of age.

Thanks to our Company’s donation, it is possible to distribute bags of maize to several families, so that they can plant and cultivate them to have food for a long time. The mothers, the first to be involved, then participate in training programmes to learn how to prepare nutritious meals with a wide range of seeds and raw materials.

Photo credits: Jonathan Hyams and Sacha Myers