Solar Healing

Sensitive® Fabrics by EUROJERSEY are preparing to be the big stars of Summer 2023 thanks to a collection of visual codes that will be the protagonists of different worlds, from the most sporting to the most glamorous, from ultra-modern design to exotic artesan moods, to combine an iconic style in every situation. With their patented textile construction, three-dimensional stretch, quick drying and proven shape and colour retention, Sensitive® Fabrics are the result of innovative technology for producing protective and versatile swimwear. Ideal for this sector thanks to their second skin effect, they are high performance, ensure 50+ sun protection, breathability, as well as being ten times more resistant to the effects of chlorinated water, sunscreen and heat than other fabrics. Four trends for the Swimwear 2023 collection: CLARITY, FREEDOM, ANCESTRAL, MONSOON which are declined in a contrast of pastel nuances and colourful prints with strong tones.