Vibrant souls

EUROJERSEY presents the new underwear SS 2022 “VIBRANT SOULS” collection in Sensitive® Fabrics
For Spring-Summer 2022, the Sensitive® Fabrics proposal is focused on a collection involving a “wellbeing” that is poised between a new-found serenity and sense of confidence. Taking care of yourself and listening to your physical needs so that you may indulge them and enjoy the wellbeing you deserve. A vibration that is ever present, guiding our choice of prints for underwear and nightwear garments, with hints of nostalgia, revisited and transformed into a new contemporary expression.
This proposal is an expression of femininity that favours a glamorous and romantic style, even with country contaminations, rich in destructured styles, or attracted by intense atmospheres in assertive colours, also for wearing as an outer garment. Lace-look prints continue to be the evergreen solution for refined and elegant lingerie.
Among the new trends: Cottage Core a romantic mood, pervaded by a country chic style with a British flavour where old world prints and colours in a mix and match of paisley patterns and 3D macramé effect, Vibrant Vacay with the nomadic style, characterized by joyous individualism and pregnant with all its symbols through warm exuberant colours in sunny and orangey shades and Backyard Florals that plans its revival in a totally nostalgic sense, a fascinating encounter between past and present with nineteenth century embroidered details that nod to lace-effect prints.