Born in 2008, Cavalleria Toscana was founded with the idea of creating a technical but also refined sportswear collection. This goal has driven the company over time, making it grow and position itself on the horse riding market as the most elegant brand. In about 10 years of business, Cavalleria Toscana has developed more and more experience and know-how in refining the product from a technical point of view. The decision to integrate Sensitive® Fabrics into the collections was strategic. Professional riding is a sport that is lived in the open air, with very tight rhythms and the technical properties of these fabrics allow to offer products on the market that perfectly match the needs of athletes, allowing them to wear elegant garments as well as sports.


Alessio Meoni

Creative Director

“For the garments of each collection we chose Sensitive® Fabrics because they provide comfort, breathability, resistance and easy care to garments made for riders, without compromising an elegant and contemporary look. “.