Luxury performance fashion activewear.

PERFF STUDIO is a Portuguese hybrid activewear and high-fashion label with a global heritage for an active urban lifestyle. Designed in London and crafted in the heart of Portugal, PERFF STUDIO encompasses cutting edge city-style creating stylish activewear and functional fashion which enables people who, without compromising on style, enjoy working out and love the comfort and benefits of sportswear in everyday life.

Synthesis collection sees PERFF STUDIO revolutionize performance fashion by creating a statement and innovative new active fashion line inspired by city living and the contemporary every day. Clean aesthetics, married with futuristic detailing and cutting-edge technology, creates a stylish city wardrobe with the comfort of sportswear to empower active people to live, look and feel their best. Designed with luxurious performance Sensitive® Fabrics, PERFF STUDIO wanted to Synthesis collection to feel luxurious and effortless in style.


Jorge Castro

CEO & Co-Founder

At PERFF STUDIO we create high-fashion, aesthetics and timeless pieces that you’ll love for years to come. We choose our partners according to their quality, their level of technological innovation and their sustainability practices. That’s why we use Sensitive® Fabrics, not only because of their luxury feeling but because they are high-end, innovative and they have sustainable fabrics that allow us to create sophisticated and high-quality garments.