The new

The new EUROJERSEY’s project with WWF Italia is for the protection of water in our country thanks to an awareness building campaign for safeguarding rivers.

Water as resource of our planet

Life needs water. It is the most important natural resource on the world from which population and life are linked to.

EUROJERSEY supports WWF Italia to protect our country, especially the oases which are the main conservation project of WWF Italia for the protection of biodiversity and endangered habitats.

Saving our sea starts from what we eat

Fishing is a human activity whose impact on marine ecosystems is far from negligible. Overfishing can cause decline in fish stock which can lead to the actual extinction of certain species. EUROJEREY supports WWF Italy to promote the right choice when buying seafood.

Together for
the Mediterranean sea

EUROJERSEY started the partnership with WWF Italy in 2015 with “Mediterranean Initiative” to protect the Mediterranean Sea, where a great variety of environments and animal species are threatened. In particular collaboration was focused on the protection of the sea turtle Caretta caretta, which is the most common in the Mediterranean, at risk for accidental catches and for a predation risk during the transfer from the beach to the sea.

Eurojersey for the
50th anniversary
of WWF Italy

On the occasion of the 50th of WWF ITALY, EUROJERSEY gave a celebratory T-shirt made in Sensitive® Fabrics to all WWF staff of the Oases and all volunteers working throughout the country, to remark the benefits of resource reuse and recycling.