Back to wellness

A season that induces Sensitive® Fabrics by EUROJERSEY to embrace a philosophy which puts the accent on total wellness, thus confirming the positive sensations emerging from an all-Italian quality based on innovation and style. With the “Back to wellness” collection, sinuously feminine lingerie garments are produced in sensual Sensitive® Fabrics whose comfort and softness feel like a second skin. The light and ethereal AW 2021-22 collection is made for dressing a refined and romantic femininity, in contrast with the bold sensual textures used to interpret garments of irresistible appeal, along with functional lingerie solutions which owe their elevated performance and comfort to the innovative bioceramic printing technique.
Multiple facets of cosseting nuances are interpreted in nude shades, alternated with warm sophisticated colours in contrast with prints in a bolder nocturnal palette, making this lingerie collection one of incomparable charm.
Thanks to an on-going process of research and development, Sensitive® Fabrics offer breathability, freshness, lightness and a subtle body shaping effect. Comfortable, smooth and body-hugging, they are resistant to pilling and suitable for manufacturing any lingerie garment; they dress and protect the body while conferring elegance and comfort, for must-haves that are a sheer pleasure to wear.