Sensitive® Fabrics by EUROJERSEY presents a new collection for SS’21 called “conscious tech”. A new feeling, a new sensation of rediscovered wellbeing packed with optimism and pronounced spontaneity for multifunctional fabrics endowed with sustainable and innovative technical performances.

Revelation. An exotic theme makes a foray into tradition to reveal an unmistakable style made up of asymmetric checks and irregular stripes which clearly recall madras prints. The predominant colour palette expressed in warm shades and languid colours triggers new and unique visual sensations recalling the nuances of India. The surfaces of Sensitive® Fabrics are transformed into dense emotions thanks to the mingling of unusual woven textures with spicy nuances and the depth of glazed tones.

Vibration. Prints onto of Sensitive® Fabrics that promote a new creative freedom in which traditional formulas break down to make space for a modernist elegance. An aesthetic philosophy that puts the accent on patterns of Caribbean inspiration and saturated colours, in a harmony of rediscovered energy which is both soothing and decorative. The ideal fabrics for an easy going, light-hearted look in a style that is fun and young at heart: the perfect bourgeois chic outfit for leisure, casual and formal wear.

Pajama Party. A comfort-chic trend that plays a protagonist role in the positive mood of everyday wear. A more glamorous ready-to-wear style makes recourse to the land of dreams to impose pajama-style prints as a must-have. Sensitive® Fabrics enriches its offering with pared-down lines expressed in a palette of bright primary colours. New interpretations tinged with nostalgia and a taste for a retro atmosphere spring to life in a new modernity, whose style is intentionally preppy, thanks to delicate paisley prints.

Osmosis. Images of differing intensity mix, match and contaminate each other in a dialogue between artistic inspiration and visionary softness, while conferring a touch of modernity to primary elements and succumbing to visions and intuitions in a magical interplay sparked by aesthetic and creative intensity. Patterns in fluid tones which define the primary essence of prints, reinterpreting denim with intense washed effects.