EUROJERSEY works with WWF Italy for the health of water and our sea, supporting the environmental organization  to raise awareness about everyday responsible behaviours and in line with the planet needs.
In the occasion of the World Food Day on October 16th, WWF called attention to the issue of the exploitation of the oceans, especially the Mediterranean Sea, linked to overfishing.  This issue not only concerns a risk for fish stocks, but also the livelihood of millions of people all over the world. Currently 33% of the monitored global fish stocks are overfished and more than 60% are fully exploited. The situation doesn’t get better in the Mediterranean, where more than 80% of the monitored stocks are overfished: decades of speculation have in fact heavily reduced marine resources and climate change will further reduce the productivity of fishing activities, not only in the Mare Nostrum, but everywhere in the world.
EUROJERSEY supports WWF in promoting a more responsible seafood consumption , for a better future for all of us.